Sunday 15th November – Club run

Sunday 15th November 2015 – club run

After meeting at Rumours at 9am, it was decided that we would head out towards Glenarm as one group….. This did not last long with Lou on the front it became apparent that she was not hanging around. The A’s decided to push on and meet up for a tray bake later.

The rest of us pushed along at a steady pace with the occasional whistle coming from the back! The paced picked up from Larne towards Glenarm averaging 21pmh. We were all still full of energy and decided to push onto Carnlough. A slight moan from Stephen mentioning he had Daddy duties to attend to. We decided this was just an excuse to turn around as he looked done in.

Quick bite to eat and some banter with the A’s we turned around and headed back along the coast staying as one group. The wind had picked up so the extra help on the front was welcome. It was tough on the way back.

Well done all who turned out….see you all next Sunday

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